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Japanese Milk Bread, or Shokupan, is a bakery staple in Japan. Our American version retains the same taste and texture as the original, but in new shapes that will fit any menu. We use formulas from master bakers in Japan, including heavy cream, butter, and honey, to create a bread that is as delicious as it is unforgettable.

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Burger Bun

Rich and slightly sweet, this bun is light and fluffy, yet it can support your juiciest burger, chicken, or BBQ sandwich.


Pullapart Roll

Topped with black and white sesame seeds these shiny, golden buns make a perfect dinner roll or slider bun.


Picnic Loaf

A petite loaf perfect for sandwiches, 

breakfast toast or french toast. Or pull it apart for a unique table bread.

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Our Story

Tom Cat Bakery, New York City’s leading artisan bakery has been serving our city for over 35 years. We handcraft fresh Italian, European style, and French breads, including dinner rolls, buns, baguettes, batards, boules, pullman loaves, and gourmet sandwich rolls. Almost all of our breads are baked to order and delivered daily to the New York Metropolitan area — from Four Star restaurants to famous hotels to leading sandwich chains and more. To meet the demand of chefs and retailers across the country, we also sell fully baked frozen artisan breads. 


Your sales representative will customize a selection that fits your business needs.

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